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About Salient Web Design

Salient Web Design was conceived in early 2006 after we discovered a large gap in the local market for an affordable, all-inclusive web design service aimed at small to medium businesses in the Latrobe Valley area.

We are not aiming to compete with large I.T. consulting firms or web design houses. Rather, we wish to provide a lower-cost alternative for those businesses who may not have a strong computing knowledge but who understand the importance and significance of having a professional online presence.

Mission Statement

Professional. Affordable. Sensible.

Our goal as a company is to provide total customer satisfaction through the delivery of professional looking, easy to use, accessible, marketable websites.

We consider ourselves to be "local business supporting local business and the community".

Who are we?

Ben Hughes

Ben is the founder of Salient Web Design and is also the chief designer. Ben has over 8 years experience in the I.T. industry and has specialised in the web design area, with a particular focus on useability and good design.

Ben has a solid understanding of the fundamentals of good web design including consideration of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

About this site

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